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Executive master coach Brian (BJ) Radomski is a bottom line driven professional and has been running his own successful coaching practice for over 14 years. As one of the early adopters in the coaching industry, BJ has been called upon by many new coaches to improve their skills and assist them with establishing a practice.


Over the last several years in Asia BJ has focused on bringing coaching into organizations. His workshops have been training managers, executives and business owners how to become internal coaches and transform their organizations.


BJ has also provided individual Executive coaching to a full range of business professionals. This includes “C” level managers in MNC’s, owner/operators and multi-generation family business.

In addition to his coaching practice, BJ has owned and operated businesses in North America and Asia.

Working with BJ, you learn coaching is not just about theory. It is about results.

What would you want your situation to be like in 90 days and what are the biggest challenges?


Contact us for a free session and you will clarify your goals, uncover hidden obstacles and improve your motivation.

The best way to see if coaching is right for you is to contact us for a complimentary coaching session. This offer is only available to four people per month. Once you actually experience how we work together – you will easily decide if you want to continue or not.


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