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Executive Coaching 

World class coaching is a wonderful luxury, Very few have the opportunity to brainstorm, vent or plan with a committed partner. A professional coach is a partner skilled in surfacing your best and getting to results  - quickly.

For some the challenge is time, for some it's money and for others it's finding the right person. A person who has mastered coaching skills and can conduct a truly special conversation. Not the usual back and forth, but rather a conversation designed to get to the heart of the matter. I have had the world's absolute best instructors/mentors. Ranging from Thomas Leonard (google him) to L Michael Hall ( another awesome guy- google him)  It is my honor and privilege to be invited to your world for open, honest and often challenging conversations.

Group & Team Coaching

Groups, teams, and committees surround us everywhere. Starting with your family. We know each one of us, as individuals rarely rise to our highest and best. So what do you think happens when we bunch a group us together and create a team. Usually our individual limitations will surface. Fair enough - but these personals weaknesses then triggers the others in the group. This is why very few groups truly excel and why so many are actually dysfunctional. What are the signs you ask - meetings that go nowhere, in-fighting, posturing, politics - I get tired just listing the non-resourceful outcomes. Want more from your team, try group & team coaching from someone actually skilled in the area of group dynamics, visioning and positive conflicts.

Custom Workshops

It is not often you will find a generic training program that will meet your exact needs. That is why we pride ourselves on custom-creating a tailor made program designed to the specific results you want. This is not about dusting off a binder and rolling out a tired old course. We will get clarity on your specific hot spots and create content to ensure the attendees leave with value and your organization sees desired results..

Online courses

Of course continual development is valuable, but maybe not everyone on your team is available to attend the live training, or maybe you want an easy-to-access reminder of key content, perhaps you want to share the knowledge with 100's of others in the organization. We will custom create content and host on our online e-learning platform so you can share the knowledge with your team. This allows participants to review as needed, learn at own pace and access at their convenience.

Become a Certified Coach

Having a coach can be life-changing, Becoming a coach gives you the skills and confidence to assist others on their life/career journeys. Big Picture can offer you two separate certificates. The Internal Certified coach certificate for coaching talent within the organization, or an ICF Life coach certification if you are interested in starting your own coaching career and supporting others on achieving their life purpose and goals.

Veritage Family Solutions 

We guide families in creating a governance model that holds the individual, the relationships with each other; and their wealth accountable to a set of guiding principles developed by the family for the family. We develop harmonious families, contributing leaders, and responsible owners. 

Don’t let your wealth impact your family’s wellbeing and safety to chance.  Most people think money will solve and alleviate issues in a family. In actuality, money magnifies the human and social issues within the family which may have been avoided or ignored.

Does your family struggle with any of these issues? 

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""I reached out to BJ Radomski when I was undergoing a difficult work transition and needed to clean up some management and financial issues while planning a transition to a higher profile job as a vice-president at another consulting company. B.J. gave met the confidence to "chunk down" and handle all of the necessary clean-up and transition tasks, and to put a plan in place to keep my team motivated. When I started my new job, I continued working with B.J. to develop a strategy to work with management and to get the resources needed to build up a strong regional team." ."

Peter du Pont, Ph.D.
Climate Change Team Lead Regional Environment Office USAID Regional Development Mission for Asia

"I approached BJ when I was working in a senior management capacity for a multi-national company in Thailand. I was facing certain challenges with managing a complex business in a foreign environment. BJ provided me with great insight as to how to manage and address these challenges. He helped me identify the most logical and well thought-through solutions to improve and, where necessary, change the situations I was faced with. As a result I was able to act with more confidence and with a stronger sense of purpose, which led to me finally achieving the goals I had set for myself. "

Helen Featherstone
Sales Director, Global Accounts at QuintilesIMS

"Sessions with BJ have been a very valuable input into some major personal and professional decisions I have made over the past year. He is always able to provide an objective framework to benchmark myself against, calls me out where I am not true to my own values and keeps the conversation focused." "

Bin Wieringa
Manager, Bain & Company

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